Royal Baby in Detail

The Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to a baby boy on Monday 22nd July at 16:24 BST. The baby´s weight is 8 lb. 6oz (3900 kg)….Well done Kate!

The news however were released 4 hours later because of protocol and because the new parents wanted some quality time with their newborn.

The whole media started to share the good news as soon as possible!

How I find out!

The first ones to be notified were The Queen, the grandparents and the aunt an uncle.

On Tuesday (23rd July) the grandparents of the new prince visited him in the afternoon. 

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge made their first public appearance with their son, who was 27 hours old, later that same day at 19:15 BST.   HERE THE OUTFITS!

Prince William said: “He´s got a good pair of lungs.Big boy,quite heavy”

It was also said that the baby has Kate´s look, but The Duchess declared that she was not sure about that.

The first change of dippers was made by the Duke of Cambridge and he said: “I´ll remind him of his tiredness when he´s a bit older” when asked why it took them that long to leave the hospital.

They both said it was quite an emotional and special time.

The Duke also said ” He´s got way more [hair] than me thank God” as a joke.

William said they were still working on a name and when asked for George he answered “wait and see”.

Both of them seemed extremely happy, proud and even relaxed answering the questions. They have a great sense of humor! I just love them.


Yesterday(24th July) the baby´s name was announced: George Alexander Louis.

Look how beautiful…

And then again the media started to announce the news as fast as they could!

Again the way I found out…Thank you BBC!


A lot has been said about the name´s meaning… However a source close to the Duke and Duchess told US Weekly “Don´t read into [the names] too much”.

Here the coincidences:

George is the name of Queen Elizabeth II´s father and grandfather.

Alexander is the male version of Prince William godmother and also Queen Elizabeth II´s middle name.

Louis, meanwhile, is the Duke of Cambridge´s own middle name.

The baby will be known as His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge.

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Royal Baby Fashion

I know that I said that my next post´d be about Cara Delevingne but hey a new heir to the throne of England was born!!

HERE the details if you want to know more.

NOW the outfits of the 23rd July!

The Grandparents

“He´s absolutely beautiful,they´re both doing really well and we´re so thrilled” Carole said to the media outside the hospital.

Kate´s parents were the first to visit the couple at 11:45 am BST on Tuesday.

Carole was wearing an Orla Kierly dress from the summer/spring 2012 collection and mid heels from Russell&Bromley.

Michael was wearing white pants with a stripped shirt and navy blue blazer. His loafers are also from Russell&Bromley.

The Duke and Duchess of Cornwall arrived next.

Charles was all suited up and Camila was wearing a white  frill dress with a pearl necklace 


Kate and William

Can´t tell you how much I love this picture…

Here a better look at the clothes

Kate looked stunning, as any new parent. But with an extra glam, she was wearing a bespoke dress by Jenny Packham. Jenny is one of her favorite designers.

The polka dot dress is crafted of silk crepe-de-chine.

A closer look to the cornflower blue and white polka dot dress

Kate used nude sling-back wedges which in my opinion were perfect for the occasion. 

HERE if you want to know Kate´s maternity style

William looked casual with dark blue trousers up with a camel belt and an inoffensive light blue shirt. Suggesting a different style of parenthood maybe?

 A lot has ben said about how similar Kate´s and Diana´s dresses are…

 Since Kate´s dress was bespoke we can´t said it was a coincidence.

I believe that Kate was showing respect to her mother in law and maybe showing sensibility  in which should have been a quite happy day for Diana.

I love them both.

 OK Magazine has already published what Kate should do in order to recover her figure but many women have said that they are happy that Kate actually showed her bump.

 @amflynn tweeted “Delighted to see Kate Middleton proudly show her beautiful, normal, real post-bay bump to the world…”

And the founder of Netmoms said “Middleton “has done more for new mom´s self esteem than any other role model”.

So there you go!

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Audrey Hepburn

As you may have seen in my Instagram account these post is going to be about Audrey Hepburn with an emphasis on the movie that makes me forget all my problems…Breakfast at Tiffany´s which is by the way based on the novel by Truman Capote 🙂

Gotta read it!

Audrey´s fans may know her history, but for all of you who don’t, here is  it. (Quite short).

  • Born on May 4,1929, in Brussels, Belgium, Audrey was a talented performer known for her beauty, elegance and grace.
  • While  she was living in the Netherlands the Nazis occupied this country and let people starve. Audrey  used to practice ballet so she danced secretly to a group of people in order to collect money to the Dutch resistance. She also delivered messages which she hid in her ballet shoes.
  • During her wartime struggles she suffered from malnutrition and developed respiratory problems and  anemia. Her uncle was executed and her brother sent to a German labour camp.
  • After the war she went to London to keep studying ballet, she participated in some musicals and one uncredited film.
  • At the age of 22 she moved to NYC to star in the Broadway production of GIGI. Only a few weeks later after the premier Hollywood called her and two years later she was filming Roman Holiday which gave her an Oscar….The rest is history.
  • But you have to know that because of her past she became an UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. Audrey Hepburn also remains one of the few persons who have won an Academy, Emmy, Grammy and Tony Awards.

So returning to Fashion…Hepburn set new high fashion standards in Breakfast at Tiffany´s  where she played a seemingly lighthearted, but ultimately troubled  New York City part girl who gets involved with a struggling writer played by George Peppard. Hepburn received her fourth Academy Award nomination for this film.  

Holly Golightly is a timeless character who shows us that even with a very small wardrobe women can look chic and stylish…ALWAYS!  even with a towel!

No more of the “I don´t have anything to wear” phrase.

With a “little black dress”, a Trench Coat, pearls, earrings, heels , scarves and hats, Holly proves that the magic of any outfit relays on its accessories. 

This dress designed by none other than Hubert de Givenchy is still inspiration for millions of fashionistas all around the world.Simple and chic the dress was accessorized by stunning pearls in the memorable beginning of Breakfast at Tiffany´s!

Here are some Holly Golightly outfits:

 Audrey Hepburn´s beautiful simplicity still lives on as a timeless example of a fashion icon. And why?

Because she understood her body and used clothes that accentuated it; mens shirt and little black dresses did her a favour.

So there is the trick! Know your body, LOVE your body and use what suits it best!

Stay true to your style, love yourself and you should be fine 🙂


This is it my beloved readers!

Hope you liked it and learned something new…

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I´ll leave you with a song I love, sang by Audrey!

moon river





Once Upon a Time I watched a TVshow where Snow White and Prince Charming had a daughter…they didn´t live in the Enchanted Forest anymore but  in Main,USA and did not know each other… a show where Little Red Riding Hood was the wolf and where Belle and Grumpy were friends…Happy Endings did not exist anymore

Truth to be told I felt truly, madly, deeply in love with this show AND with its clothes.

Once Upon a Time´s wardrobe is nothing but charming!

Yes, it is placed in the  United States but you also get to known the past of our beloved fairy tales characters which is placed in the Enchanted Forest…so you can imagine.

The show was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Costumes last year!

Emilie de Ravin  (Belle) said  “They are making the most intricate gowns that the most high-ending wedding designers would take three weeks to make, and they are perfect. I mean, the petticoats have lace and are stitched perfectly and you never see them…Being able to feel so in character from an outfit is a unique feeling.”

Let´s take a look!

 Belle´s beautiful dress and the amazing detailing on her bodice

Yes! Snow White with a sword. But let´s focus on her beautiful wedding dress

 My favorite outfit! Camel leggings, high boots and that amazing cloak! Love it.


Snow White and Little Red Red Riding Hood´s cloaks. The detailing and layering are just fantastic!

Cinderellas´s classic dress with beautiful flower embellishments…Marvelous.

Get a better look!

Here is Red´s skirt…delightful details in the skirt and perfect bodice!

You must know that I don´t like pink dresses but I had to admit that this one was beautifully made. The red dress (Snow White´s mom dress) is  completely charming, love the cleavage!

Heres the Evil Queen before being Evil and before being the Queen. Young and sweet Regina wears camel leggings and a quite feminine baby blue coat before riding!

Regina on her horse with this fabulous cloak! Look at the Juliette sleeves.

Being the Evil Queen, Regina wears a  sexy red dress with a magnificent cleavage. One of my favorites!

Here is the Evil Queen´s riding costume. Black brocade, Leather caplet, a sharply tailored corset and a jaunty black hat show a powerful independent and really evil woman.

Leaving the image of the big and blue genie behind, this genie looks chic and interesting. The persian air is perfect.

Here´s Rumpelstiltskin one of my favorite characters on the show! He is featuring a tight coat and awesome lace-up pants.  There´s definitely some punk influence here…

The Huntsman looking handsome in his armor.May be uncomfortable…but looks great!

Last but not least… the love of many(including myself) Prince Charming ♡.Here is he wearing his royal cloak with rich gold trims and bottoms,very elegant.

The show starts it´s third season this fall….Watch it if you haven´t and tell me your opinion.

Share your favorite costume as well!

Interesting fact… Ginnifer Goodwin (Snow White) and Josh Dallas (Prince Charming) are dating in real life! I could t believe it, but it is true, they look really cute together if you ask me.

I´ll leave you with this quote:

“Snow White: Believing in even the possibility of a happy ending is a very powerful thing.”


And also with this adorable fairy costume!






Summer…Let´s have some fun with the new trends!

  Whether going to Cancún, Miami, London or NYC  you need to be comfortable and why not…looking great as well!

Summer 2013 is full of new trends to follow…look at them and then decide what you love and what you hate…

Remember that you need to keep true to yourself, so just adopt the trends you like the most…being a fashionista doesn´t mean that you need to be uncomfortable or wear things that you don´t even like!

Being secure with your outfit is a great plus! Confidence is everything in fashion.

So…let´s START:

Peplum this trend keeps on appearing on dresses, skirts, blazers and more. It´s great to look feminine and chic.


Ruffles appear in skirts,dresses and  blouses to give more volume to your whole image. They are incredible feminine as well!


Unexpected Cutouts are just hot this summer. This new trend is both sexy and classy if properly used. They can appear in the back, stomach, hips or settle down on the chest. They look incredible in swimsuits by the way!


Jumpsuits this not so new trend comes back from the 80´s to show us that fashion and comfort can be friends! I think I will use some of my mom´s old jumpsuits!

Retro Swimsuits just like 20 or 15 years ago!

Oriental Prints always safe and stylish!

Maxi and Mini Dresses there´s no summer without them…have at least one and mix it as you wish, it´s hard to style it wrong.

Transparency  transparent dresses, blouses,skirts, tops, coats and even shoes and accessories are totally in this summer! I just bought a transparent umbrella and it´s been my favorite summer purchase so far……… tip: transparent blouses look quite chic with a bralette.

Bejeweled Clothing just like in the 20´s ; as seen in the Great Gatsby movie this clothes are great for the evening. You ail literally shine. But be careful one piece of this type is more than enough!

And last but not least, remember Neon colorsThey will make you stand out in a crowd and even make you feel happier…at leas in my case 😉 You can use them in tops, jeans, dresses bags and even nails…have fun!!

Hope you like it… or better yet, love it!

Leave a comment and tell me what you loved and what you hated(:

Your opinion is important so share it too!






Kate Middleton Style

With the big news about Kate´s upcoming baby some pregnant women would love to know how to dress like a real princess.

In our today´s world everything is changing so fast, that we do not have time to assimilate it, and fashion is no exception.

Pregnant women no longer have one or two boring outfits. They`re supposed to show their belly and have fun, but also to take care of their upcoming baby.

So let´s see how our beloved Duchess of Cambridge is dealing with fashion.

Here we can see her in a polka dots dress with a black cardigan.
The dress has a Empire waist cut and it´s perfect to show the stomach and take care of your offspring
Here the Duchess has an apricot dress with matching coat.
The Shift dress gives a clean and fresh impression.
Pastel colors gives the future mom a sweet charm.
Kate looks stunning in this Sheath dress with print.
She shows her belly and smiles. Accessories are not necessary with such a print.
She´s wearing heels but small ones. It was also a small walk.
And remember to smile!
Middleton looks classy in this coat also in pastel shades.
A hat make her looks pretty, elegant and british of course.
A neutral clutch and small earrings are enough to complete the soft look.
Coats are great to be warm and sophisticated!
The future mom looks really chic in this full skirt dress.
Using light colors  and a light make-up makes her look joyful!
She also uses small heels here. They are not forbidden!
This is it, hope you like it!
I will be posting  about  some celebrities style, fashion history and the outfits in movies and tv-series.
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