Kate Middleton Style

With the big news about Kate´s upcoming baby some pregnant women would love to know how to dress like a real princess.

In our today´s world everything is changing so fast, that we do not have time to assimilate it, and fashion is no exception.

Pregnant women no longer have one or two boring outfits. They`re supposed to show their belly and have fun, but also to take care of their upcoming baby.

So let´s see how our beloved Duchess of Cambridge is dealing with fashion.

Here we can see her in a polka dots dress with a black cardigan.
The dress has a Empire waist cut and it´s perfect to show the stomach and take care of your offspring
Here the Duchess has an apricot dress with matching coat.
The Shift dress gives a clean and fresh impression.
Pastel colors gives the future mom a sweet charm.
Kate looks stunning in this Sheath dress with print.
She shows her belly and smiles. Accessories are not necessary with such a print.
She´s wearing heels but small ones. It was also a small walk.
And remember to smile!
Middleton looks classy in this coat also in pastel shades.
A hat make her looks pretty, elegant and british of course.
A neutral clutch and small earrings are enough to complete the soft look.
Coats are great to be warm and sophisticated!
The future mom looks really chic in this full skirt dress.
Using light colors  and a light make-up makes her look joyful!
She also uses small heels here. They are not forbidden!
This is it, hope you like it!
I will be posting  about  some celebrities style, fashion history and the outfits in movies and tv-series.
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5 thoughts on “Kate Middleton Style

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  2. Absolutely love it how Kate continued to dress throughout her entire pregnancy. I feel like there’s this stigma that if you’re pregnant, you can’t still be cute. You totally can! She even wore heels when going out! If that’s not motivating, I don’t know what is 🙂

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