Summer…Let´s have some fun with the new trends!

  Whether going to Cancún, Miami, London or NYC  you need to be comfortable and why not…looking great as well!

Summer 2013 is full of new trends to follow…look at them and then decide what you love and what you hate…

Remember that you need to keep true to yourself, so just adopt the trends you like the most…being a fashionista doesn´t mean that you need to be uncomfortable or wear things that you don´t even like!

Being secure with your outfit is a great plus! Confidence is everything in fashion.

So…let´s START:

Peplum this trend keeps on appearing on dresses, skirts, blazers and more. It´s great to look feminine and chic.


Ruffles appear in skirts,dresses and  blouses to give more volume to your whole image. They are incredible feminine as well!


Unexpected Cutouts are just hot this summer. This new trend is both sexy and classy if properly used. They can appear in the back, stomach, hips or settle down on the chest. They look incredible in swimsuits by the way!


Jumpsuits this not so new trend comes back from the 80´s to show us that fashion and comfort can be friends! I think I will use some of my mom´s old jumpsuits!

Retro Swimsuits just like 20 or 15 years ago!

Oriental Prints always safe and stylish!

Maxi and Mini Dresses there´s no summer without them…have at least one and mix it as you wish, it´s hard to style it wrong.

Transparency  transparent dresses, blouses,skirts, tops, coats and even shoes and accessories are totally in this summer! I just bought a transparent umbrella and it´s been my favorite summer purchase so far……… tip: transparent blouses look quite chic with a bralette.

Bejeweled Clothing just like in the 20´s ; as seen in the Great Gatsby movie this clothes are great for the evening. You ail literally shine. But be careful one piece of this type is more than enough!

And last but not least, remember Neon colorsThey will make you stand out in a crowd and even make you feel happier…at leas in my case 😉 You can use them in tops, jeans, dresses bags and even nails…have fun!!

Hope you like it… or better yet, love it!

Leave a comment and tell me what you loved and what you hated(:

Your opinion is important so share it too!







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