Once Upon a Time I watched a TVshow where Snow White and Prince Charming had a daughter…they didn´t live in the Enchanted Forest anymore but  in Main,USA and did not know each other… a show where Little Red Riding Hood was the wolf and where Belle and Grumpy were friends…Happy Endings did not exist anymore

Truth to be told I felt truly, madly, deeply in love with this show AND with its clothes.

Once Upon a Time´s wardrobe is nothing but charming!

Yes, it is placed in the  United States but you also get to known the past of our beloved fairy tales characters which is placed in the Enchanted Forest…so you can imagine.

The show was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Costumes last year!

Emilie de Ravin  (Belle) said  “They are making the most intricate gowns that the most high-ending wedding designers would take three weeks to make, and they are perfect. I mean, the petticoats have lace and are stitched perfectly and you never see them…Being able to feel so in character from an outfit is a unique feeling.”

Let´s take a look!

 Belle´s beautiful dress and the amazing detailing on her bodice

Yes! Snow White with a sword. But let´s focus on her beautiful wedding dress

 My favorite outfit! Camel leggings, high boots and that amazing cloak! Love it.


Snow White and Little Red Red Riding Hood´s cloaks. The detailing and layering are just fantastic!

Cinderellas´s classic dress with beautiful flower embellishments…Marvelous.

Get a better look!

Here is Red´s skirt…delightful details in the skirt and perfect bodice!

You must know that I don´t like pink dresses but I had to admit that this one was beautifully made. The red dress (Snow White´s mom dress) is  completely charming, love the cleavage!

Heres the Evil Queen before being Evil and before being the Queen. Young and sweet Regina wears camel leggings and a quite feminine baby blue coat before riding!

Regina on her horse with this fabulous cloak! Look at the Juliette sleeves.

Being the Evil Queen, Regina wears a  sexy red dress with a magnificent cleavage. One of my favorites!

Here is the Evil Queen´s riding costume. Black brocade, Leather caplet, a sharply tailored corset and a jaunty black hat show a powerful independent and really evil woman.

Leaving the image of the big and blue genie behind, this genie looks chic and interesting. The persian air is perfect.

Here´s Rumpelstiltskin one of my favorite characters on the show! He is featuring a tight coat and awesome lace-up pants.  There´s definitely some punk influence here…

The Huntsman looking handsome in his armor.May be uncomfortable…but looks great!

Last but not least… the love of many(including myself) Prince Charming ♡.Here is he wearing his royal cloak with rich gold trims and bottoms,very elegant.

The show starts it´s third season this fall….Watch it if you haven´t and tell me your opinion.

Share your favorite costume as well!

Interesting fact… Ginnifer Goodwin (Snow White) and Josh Dallas (Prince Charming) are dating in real life! I could t believe it, but it is true, they look really cute together if you ask me.

I´ll leave you with this quote:

“Snow White: Believing in even the possibility of a happy ending is a very powerful thing.”


And also with this adorable fairy costume!







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