Royal Baby in Detail

The Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to a baby boy on Monday 22nd July at 16:24 BST. The baby´s weight is 8 lb. 6oz (3900 kg)….Well done Kate!

The news however were released 4 hours later because of protocol and because the new parents wanted some quality time with their newborn.

The whole media started to share the good news as soon as possible!

How I find out!

The first ones to be notified were The Queen, the grandparents and the aunt an uncle.

On Tuesday (23rd July) the grandparents of the new prince visited him in the afternoon. 

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge made their first public appearance with their son, who was 27 hours old, later that same day at 19:15 BST.   HERE THE OUTFITS!

Prince William said: “He´s got a good pair of lungs.Big boy,quite heavy”

It was also said that the baby has Kate´s look, but The Duchess declared that she was not sure about that.

The first change of dippers was made by the Duke of Cambridge and he said: “I´ll remind him of his tiredness when he´s a bit older” when asked why it took them that long to leave the hospital.

They both said it was quite an emotional and special time.

The Duke also said ” He´s got way more [hair] than me thank God” as a joke.

William said they were still working on a name and when asked for George he answered “wait and see”.

Both of them seemed extremely happy, proud and even relaxed answering the questions. They have a great sense of humor! I just love them.


Yesterday(24th July) the baby´s name was announced: George Alexander Louis.

Look how beautiful…

And then again the media started to announce the news as fast as they could!

Again the way I found out…Thank you BBC!


A lot has been said about the name´s meaning… However a source close to the Duke and Duchess told US Weekly “Don´t read into [the names] too much”.

Here the coincidences:

George is the name of Queen Elizabeth II´s father and grandfather.

Alexander is the male version of Prince William godmother and also Queen Elizabeth II´s middle name.

Louis, meanwhile, is the Duke of Cambridge´s own middle name.

The baby will be known as His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge.

Hope you like it!

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