David Delfin Fashion Week ´13

Mexico is proud to have the designer David Delfín on this Fashion Week edition.

In a collaboration with Marie Claire, this famous and polemic designer showed the best looks of his career in  Mexico´s Fshion Week in the still new concept of THE BOX.

The designer caused polemic because of his designs, which were inspired in  the middle east women during the war in Afganistan. Depsite of this the designer won the award of “best collection by a young designer” in 2003.

This spanish designer is known for  creating outfits inspired on his feelings and because of this the designs are minimialistic and in no way ordinary. His goal is to excite his audience, because he feels, just like Bourgeois, that everything that moves us in a way makes us feel really alive.

David Delfin is, above all, an artist. He said once:

Fashion is culture, not everything is art, but painting isn’t always art neither.

It´s quite clear for him that  his whole work is about them. A suit, for example, is not sexy, classic, elegant or feminine by itself. Women are therefore the centre of his inspiration

So let´s enjoy this journey!


Hope you enjoyed!




Fashion Week-Ricardo Seco

My beloved readers!

I have been absent and I am truly sorry…but something big is coming… my fashion week post!

As you know Fashion Week is the most important week in the fashion world, it is a time to reinvent yourself!

I got media passes for the whole week…and i could not be more excited!!! 😀


So stay tuned…because I will be posting about my favorite shows and I got ALL ACCESS.

One of my favorite of all times was Ricardo Seco´s collection.

mbfashionweek.com describes him: Ricardo Seco was born in Torreon, Coahuila, Mexico and is considered to be one of Mexico’s most influential designers. A self-taught designer, Ricardo was a businessman for more than twelve years until he decided to pursue his passion and risked everything for what he truly loved: fashion.                                                                              Ricardo’s creations are designed with both men and women in mind and are easily recognized for their uniqueness, cleanliness of fabric detail, patterns and sophisticated fit. Ricardo Seco’s fashion seeks to captivate and seduce the public while highlighting his native country internationally.

Because of his prestige  I was quite honored when I was invited to his PRIVATE EVENT

boletosIt was all very classy and formal…sponsors gave insertional speeches…presentacion…and the show began!

IMG_2109 IMG_2111 IMG_2116 IMG_2120 IMG_2130 IMG_2146

AS we can admire the collection is flawless and exquisite. The designs are innovative and there are more colors than black and white!

Pink, orange and blue are going to be a must-have for the next season…so start buying and remember… we all can dress as princesses ale long as we do not lose style 🙂

Hope you enjoyed!!