David Delfin Fashion Week ´13

Mexico is proud to have the designer David Delfín on this Fashion Week edition.

In a collaboration with Marie Claire, this famous and polemic designer showed the best looks of his career in  Mexico´s Fshion Week in the still new concept of THE BOX.

The designer caused polemic because of his designs, which were inspired in  the middle east women during the war in Afganistan. Depsite of this the designer won the award of “best collection by a young designer” in 2003.

This spanish designer is known for  creating outfits inspired on his feelings and because of this the designs are minimialistic and in no way ordinary. His goal is to excite his audience, because he feels, just like Bourgeois, that everything that moves us in a way makes us feel really alive.

David Delfin is, above all, an artist. He said once:

Fashion is culture, not everything is art, but painting isn’t always art neither.

It´s quite clear for him that  his whole work is about them. A suit, for example, is not sexy, classic, elegant or feminine by itself. Women are therefore the centre of his inspiration

So let´s enjoy this journey!


Hope you enjoyed!




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