Fashion Week- Zingara

Hello Darlings!!

First of all Happy Holidays!!! I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and are getting ready for a fantastic NEW YEAR!

So more Fashion Week as promised! You may be welcoming 2014 at the beach..just like me…or you may be shopping and taking advantage of the sales of the season and getting ready for the summer…or you may just want to look at some amazing bodies! Anyway this post is PERFECT for you…enjoy my ZINGARA post :*

IMG_2373IMG_2327Gorgeous models were in the is the proof! Girls feel free to save this pic 🙂

So Guys DO NOT be afraid of colors! these are your best friends next summer!! We girls love brave men!


pink bikiniIMG_2319IMG_2333IMG_2357BRIGHT COLORS are just IN  do not be afraid of matching and rediscovering old fabrics…while doing some winter cleaning I found a beautiful skirt that my mom used to wear some years ago…almost the same skirt is a best seller in Forever 21 right now!! So go and dig in your moms closet!…and save dome money haha….BLACK is also a strong color…it never fails

NOW for those little LOVE BIRDSIMG_2340

You can also match your outfits at the beach! You´ll look way too cool and all the single ladies will be jealous…I can assure you that since i will be one of them 😉

p.s: Ladies take note on the hat…it is a MUST

IMG_2355Long skirts are a MUST as well!!!

Hope you enjoyed!!