Mexico Fashion Week around the corner

As many of you already know Fashion Week is around the corner. Paris, Milan, London and New York had their chance already.

NOW is Mexico´s opportunity to show the high quality of its designers and their unique perspective.

Every year Mexico´s Fashion Week creates big expectations and this time is no exception… PR´s are already sending invitations, the models have been picked up and the location is once again in the heart of the city.


The designer will be soon confirmed and everything will be ready for APRIL 1ST. All this excitement will last until the 4TH and we shall all live it.

I really CAN´T WAIT.

Here some fotos from the webpage


Hope you enjoyed and are as excited as I am…





Being part of UN models is a unique experience which I cherish with all my heart. A few days before the first HUMBOLDTMUN – that stands for Humboldt Model United Nations-   I had a knee sprain.

HUMBOLDTMUN is organized by my school and I was the moderator in the commission related to social,cultural and humanitarian issues; also known as the 3rd Committee  in the UN General Assembly.

It was also clear that despite my sprain I wanted to participate, so there I was in a wheelchair moderating the debate. A dear friend of mine helped me through the entire debate and made this an amazing experience along with the delegates and my UN family.

The debate was about Xenophobia and how important it´s to respect other people and cultures in order to keep the peace. Without forgetting that we are all equal and have the same rights


h1I could stand for brief periods of time and that´s why this is one of my favorite pics!