TECMUN stands for Tecnológico de Monterrey Model United Nations. This was my third time in this model BUT the first time in the SENIOR version. This means that the delegates are in high school, and I was not in high school. But thanks to my top performance in the normal version I was invited.

I was scared but also excited. It was also the first time I represented a person instead of a a country. I was Rigoberta Menchú a guatemalan indigenous woman who has dedicated her life to protect indigenous rights, she has won the Nobel Peace Prize.

We debated the best solutions to incorporate indigenous people to the civilization. It can not be forgotten that their culture; religion and traditions need to be kept. It is also important to respect indigenous people, we are their descendants and we are all equal. There is no reason why we should feel superior, in any case we can learn A LOT from them.

It was a great experience, rewarded with an honorific mention.

Thanks to my friends who participated in Tecmun!





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