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Life as we know it can change in a second….

Near 200 girls were kidnapped last month, a real coverage was not made. However #BringBackOurGirls has gone viral and now celebrities, politicians, and real people are posting about this.

These girls are from Nigeria and a lot has been said about the fact, that if they were from Europe, from example, the news´d have coverage this instantly.

I think that despite our physical differences we are all human and we all have the right to be free and respected. The though of girls being kidnapped and probably being sold right now is unbearable…something must be done.

Many people say, that a simple photo posted by Michelle Obama or David Cameron is useless if action is not taken. Is an updated status worthy?

I think so…the influence of this personalities is HUGE! Information about them is spread worldwide, it makes people more conscious. This is mayor, because we all can do something to support the cause.

Of course I think that action must be taken by powerful countries…but these decisions are slow…uploading a picture that will create consciousness around the world takes less than a minute.

So please take a minute as well to appreciate your life and support any cause in order to make this a better world.






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We all have expectations; big or small there they are….somewhere deep down ourselves. 

We expect to be a better person, eat less chocolate and go to the gym more than once a month… These might actually be good for our health, but what about the ones who don´t let us sleep?

Am I GOOD enough?  Am I ever going to find Prince Charming? Am I COOL enough? Should I go to that super IN restaurant even though I don´t like fish and it´s the only thing I can eat there? Should I do a threesome to FIT in?

But really, what´s the definition of


-Prince Charming




We are all different….Therefore we all should have different definitions of these subjective terms right? Are we trying to satisfy someone else´s expectations? Is peer pressure all over us? Have we been brainwashed into thinking that we actually want to find Snow Whites Prince?

I think we have…. We should take some time to find out what we really want…how we want to define things….get some time to ourselves and embrace our UNIQUENESS.

We don´t have to be disappointed if we don´t satisfy someone else’s expectations , not even if so not accomplish our own. Because if we did everything we could, then we should accept that some things needed to be rejected so than others, better ones, could come.

What´s the point of trying to be someone you are not? What´s the point of punishing yourself because you are not like the others?

I´ve experiences this so many times, I have lost the count. But I´ve come to realize that theres no point. So maybe I didn´t go to the super nice club last night, so maybe I was not invited to the party… did I really wanted to go with complete strangers? Not really….well maybe to the super nice club I´d have had a nice time, but isn´t it better to share your first with someone you love? …. This also should apply to having sex btw…

Anyway this may be easy to say but hard to do… believe me take your time to realize what YOU really want…it may take some time, but at the end of the day it will ALL BE WORTH IT. And you will realize why it did nit work out before….or so I´ve been told.                         We are all in this journey…and we´ll keep going 🙂