Why Ballet?

Renaissance…15th century…France…Ballet

An art? A sport?



What we can learn from Ballet is not only to be more flexible or to be able to walk with our shoulders back….

We can learn to express ourselves, to come back and don´t give up…to ignore the pain.

I´ve never practice this beautiful art…which takes years and years of practice, you can see 2 years old dancing way better than I ever would! …but I´ve learned to appreciate it because I´ve  watched it since I was very little…Thanks mom! I finally got it and don´t sleep during  a performance anymore 😉

It´s not a girls sport though…the strength, the discipline, the will you need to master ballet is outrageous. Some dancers may be gay but they are also one of the most gorgeous and fit guys you´ll ever meet. Quite masculine…Image

The pain that the dancers have to overcome is quite brutal… have you ever seen dancers feet?

I invite you to appreciate these beautiful ART…go to the ballet and enjoy what you are watching, the strength,courage and perfection…

These are one of the top ballets around the world

The Mariinsky (Kirov ) Ballet
The Bolshoi Ballet
Paris Opera Ballet
The Royal Ballet
American Ballet Theater
Stuttgart Ballet
New York City Ballet
La Scala Theatre Ballet
Nederlands Dans Theater
National Ballet of Cuba


I had the honor of watching the Mariinsky Ballet and I´m speechless…It´s a nice way of getting out of the routine and delight ourselves 🙂

Well-known stories such as the Nutcracker, Cinderella, Peter Pan, The Sleeping Beauty, A Midsummer Night Dream, Romeo and Juliet and of course Swan Lake are performed.

If you want to get more involved  and have some fun as well watch Dance Academy , a nice teen comedy-drama to watch at night on Netflix… a friend of mine who used to practice ballet recommended it so…there you go!





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