Last First Day #BacktoSchool

Today was no ordinary Back to School….Today was my last first day at High School because this is my Senior year! Even writing this is like a dream. 13 years have passed since my first day at the German School and I can´t believe it.

I was in my first day…it was pre-first and there was this fancy ceremony with a Schultüte, or school cone full of candy and toys our parents thought we´d like , this way first day terror didn´t exist. We all had such thing…german tradition…we all were six and scared. I was holding my mom´s hand that first day and she was thinking about being in that school for 13 years, it was quite depressing at the time….you can´t even imagine waking up at 6 am for such a long time. It seemed like an eternity.


Time flies…and I´m both happy and sad. Funny thing: The reasons because I´m happy are also the reasons of my sadness. It´s all confusing and bittersweet. I was not nervous nor scared…I am comfortable, I´m used to everything at high school by now. The teachers, my classmates and friends …even though I´ll have some new teachers I somehow know everything is going to be fine. I´m in my comfort zone.

I wore new clothes and jewelry but for the first time I did not change my school bag, nor all my  pencils cases (yes I have more than one)  BUT I drove! Yes I finally drove to school, sure my dad was copilot but Hey! there´s something cool about the first time you arrive to school driving 🙂

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White OOTD

White OOTD




Yamamay #ciaosatelite

Las week was amazing, I had the pleasure of meeting Andy Torres mexican blogger of Style Scrapbook , she is an icon on the fashion industry world wide known, receiving over 2 million views per month.

She is really sweet and down to earth.  I was really excited because even though she is mexican she lives in Amsterdam and does not come to the American Continent quite often.

She took photos with everyone who asked and had a little chat with everyone at the opening, because (oh yes) I had to meet her at a fashion event full of celebrities.

Yamamay is an italian brand specialized in lingerie and beach clothes. Great quality, great style and even better prices! Go and check!

Here some pictures of the opening:

Source: Bluffers

Source: Bluffers

IMG_2224 IMG_2236


Source: Style Scrapbook

Source: Style Scrapbook


Source: Style Scrapbook

Source: Style Scrapbook

Andy´s manager Richard Nichols

Andy´s manager Richard Nichols




Brothers & Sisters

The first thing you should know is that I´m an only child. I don´t have any brothers or sisters related by blood…so why do I write about this? What do I know? I have never fighted with someone who’s around my age all the time in the same house…

The answer is simple…the “heart bond” is stronger. Because friends are the family you choose for yourself 🙂

My 2-year-old self made friends , friends with who I still hang out, laugh and cry with. Sure we have ups and downs…but hey it´s probably the longest relationship we will ever be in (blood related relationships as an exception).

More impressive not even baby me…and I mean fetus me… made friends. Technically our parents are besties and therefore we became acquaintances…but nobody can force you to become inseparable, that was entirely up to us.

There´s no such thing as a recipe…it´s a cliche but everyone is different and therefore we  can´t generalize and write a manual to become bff with someone. The only thing I dare to say is…(and this is another cliche) be yourself!!! How else could it work? There´s no point in faking a personality for the rest of your life.

The point this…I´ve grown up with this people, I can tell them everything. Girls I met in High School are more than friends to me…they´re my sisters. People with whom you can laugh, scream, cry, talk, hug, be mad and grumpy and so on and so forth…and they will aways be there for you. Of course I am young and things can change but it´s up to us not to let this happen… I strongly believe that some bonds can´t be broken.

I wish you my readers to find someone like this, to appreciate them if you have been lucky enough to find this kind of love…to cherish this remarkable ride.

I´m so grateful…Of course I´m still open to meet some new brothers and sisters 😉

“El secreto de la felicidad es tener gustos sencillos y una mente compleja, el problema es que a menudo la mente es sencilla y los gustos son complejos.” -S


“The secret of happiness is to have a simple taste and a complex mind, the problem is however that it often happens that the mind is simple and taste is complex” -S

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