Last First Day #BacktoSchool

Today was no ordinary Back to School….Today was my last first day at High School because this is my Senior year! Even writing this is like a dream. 13 years have passed since my first day at the German School and I can´t believe it.

I was in my first day…it was pre-first and there was this fancy ceremony with a Schultüte, or school cone full of candy and toys our parents thought we´d like , this way first day terror didn´t exist. We all had such thing…german tradition…we all were six and scared. I was holding my mom´s hand that first day and she was thinking about being in that school for 13 years, it was quite depressing at the time….you can´t even imagine waking up at 6 am for such a long time. It seemed like an eternity.


Time flies…and I´m both happy and sad. Funny thing: The reasons because I´m happy are also the reasons of my sadness. It´s all confusing and bittersweet. I was not nervous nor scared…I am comfortable, I´m used to everything at high school by now. The teachers, my classmates and friends …even though I´ll have some new teachers I somehow know everything is going to be fine. I´m in my comfort zone.

I wore new clothes and jewelry but for the first time I did not change my school bag, nor all my  pencils cases (yes I have more than one)  BUT I drove! Yes I finally drove to school, sure my dad was copilot but Hey! there´s something cool about the first time you arrive to school driving 🙂

Share about your first day!






White OOTD

White OOTD




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