Dress for success

I may not have a real job yet, however I believe on the power of some nice and polished outfit.

Having attended many parties and UN Models… I know the power of clothes.

We all judge people by either their shoes, hands, hair, wrinkles in the clothes or the length of the skirt. This only means that we are being judged too…

Here are some basic rules for your next college interview, UN model or just for the next meeting with a nice boy; have fun!

REMEMBER: Manners mean a lot as well


A button-down shirt.
-Brooks Brothers and some other brands have non-iron shirts 😉

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—Polished black shoes.                                                                                                        TAKE NOTE: POLISHED                                                                                                      If you don´t want your shoes to lose shape, add some paper inside them.

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—A blue, black or gray jacket.                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Make sure it fits you perfectly…be careful, as arm length is extremely important.
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—Slacks that complement the jacket.                                                                                                                                    Be bold and combine some colors…age really does not matter

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You can’t go wrong with a conservative tie. (Alas, this rules out pink flamingoes, hula dancers and anything to do with sports.)

—Don’t forget the socks. Here’s a hot tip for fashion-impaired Y-chromosome types everywhere: buy two dozen pairs of identical black or blue socks so you can pluck two at random from your drawer each morning and always have a match.

There is some slack in the grand scheme of things. Blue and white shirts have been around since time began, or so it seems, but there’s also room for the occasional yellow, pink or (if you’re an aspiring poet) black shirt. However, if you don’t know what you’re doing, stick with blue and white shirts, because otherwise you’re almost certain to step in it.

As said in Forbes magazine…


A skirt that hits just above the knee, slacks and perhaps pantsuits.  If they fit right, they are sexy. 😉

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—Simple jewelry…Pearls are just classy

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—Just a hint of makeup: mascara, eyeliner, blush, lipstick and foundation.

Skip the perfume, especially during a job interview or the first few days at a new job. If you use perfume thereafter, go easy on the saucy splash behind the ears, because you can bet that some grump or hyper-sensitive soul will complain bitterly about headache, nausea or a general outbreak of the fantods.

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—Polished flats or moderate heels.                                                                                           Captura de pantalla 2015-03-23 a la(s) 19.19.57 Captura de pantalla 2015-03-23 a la(s) 19.20.17

Tory Burch has beautiful and comfortable designs

—Sweaters.                                                                                                                           Add some color to any look, they are fresh and comfortable, just perfect.                              P.S. I love them with any silk blouse

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Rule of thumb: Always dress for the task at hand. If you’re a civil engineer headed for a construction site, jeans, a flannel shirt and work boots are fine, but that’s not how to dress when making a formal presentation to the grand pooh-bahs at the office. Believe it or not, otherwise intelligent people are remarkably dumb about this basic point.

Mark Twain was right: “Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence in society.”




Inside Tommy Hilfiger!

A couple of days ago I had the honor of interviewing Lorenzo Ruiz Martínez , General Manager of Tommy Hilfiger Mexico. Besides having this amazing job Lorenzo is the founder of “Fututors” an organization which goal is to motivate the action and to promote the transformation of the future of children and young  mexican people. As if this wasn´t enough Lorenzo is also a high-altitude mountaineer and he climbed the Everest!          Martha Debayle who has a  famous radio program had the pleasure to interview him about this wonderful experience! Here the link (at the bottom of the page).

My interview  focused on fashion and I discovered that Lorenzo has some really interesting points of view about Tommy Hilfiger but also about life. This brand has a great positioning in Mexico and Lorenzo had definitely an influence…Congratulations!

The interview in spanish is here and the highlights in english below.

With/Con Lorenzo Ruiz Martínez



Hace unos días tuve el honor de entrevistar a Lorenzo Ruiz Martínez, Director General de Tommy Hilfiger México. Además de este fantástico trabajo Lorenzo es el fundador de “Fututors” una organización cuyo fin es motivar a la acción y promover la transformación del futuro de los jóvenes y niños mexicanos. Como si esto no fuera suficiente, Lorenzo es también alpinista y dentro de sus mayores logros se encuentra haber escalado…¡El Everest!                                                                                                                              Martha Debayle, la famosa locutora, tuvo el placer de entrevistarlo sobre esta maravillosa experiencia ¡Aquí el link! (al final de la página)

Mi entrevista se enfocó en moda y descubrí que Lorenzo tiene un punto de vista muy interesante en cuanto a la marca y respecto a la vida. Tommy Hilfiger tiene un excelente posicionamiento en México y Lorenzo definitivamente influyó en este logro…¡Felicidades!


The interview is in spanish, but here are some highlights:

– “Tommy Hilfiger is for a person who is young in spirit, age does not matter.”

– “Hifiger Denim is for young people who are between 15 and 24 years old. It is really preppy but has a strong denim essence. ”

-“We [Tommy Hilfiger] are for young people who are looking a preppy and relaxed style.”

-“It [Tommy Hilfiger] is a classic american brand with a fashion twist.”

-“We celebrate difference and like diversity; we are, I think, a well thought brand for Mexico because Mexico is a diverse country.”

-“We have the best Brand Equity in America and the best Brand Exposure we are above the United States, Canada, Brazil… We are really proud because some recent studies have considered us the best brand in “Top of Mind”.

When asked what was their key of success he said that what matters the most is the product, but that campaigns, boutiques and the experience of shopping their products  had also an influence.

I sincerely told him that he was an inspiration to many of us, and asked him for some tips. He said that in order to make things happen passion and willpower are needed. If we want our dreams to come true we need to pay a price and that price is called effort. It does not matter where you come from, what you studied, if have money or not you can achieve your dreams. Experience is not needed, but passion matters.

Many of you may for sure have heard the rumor where Tommy Hilfiger said “If I had known that African-Americans, Hispanics and Asians would buy my clothes, I would not have made them so nice.” This is a BIG FAT LIE.

Muchos de ustedes seguro escucharon un rumor en el que Tommy Hilfiger decía: “Si hubiera sabido que Afroamericanos, Hispanos y asiáticos iban a a comprar mi ropa, no la hubiera hecho tan bonita” Esto es UNA GRAN MENTIRA.

Thanks for reading! Hope you liked it!

Gracias por leer, ¡Espero que les haya gustado!


Audrey Hepburn

As you may have seen in my Instagram account these post is going to be about Audrey Hepburn with an emphasis on the movie that makes me forget all my problems…Breakfast at Tiffany´s which is by the way based on the novel by Truman Capote 🙂

Gotta read it!

Audrey´s fans may know her history, but for all of you who don’t, here is  it. (Quite short).

  • Born on May 4,1929, in Brussels, Belgium, Audrey was a talented performer known for her beauty, elegance and grace.
  • While  she was living in the Netherlands the Nazis occupied this country and let people starve. Audrey  used to practice ballet so she danced secretly to a group of people in order to collect money to the Dutch resistance. She also delivered messages which she hid in her ballet shoes.
  • During her wartime struggles she suffered from malnutrition and developed respiratory problems and  anemia. Her uncle was executed and her brother sent to a German labour camp.
  • After the war she went to London to keep studying ballet, she participated in some musicals and one uncredited film.
  • At the age of 22 she moved to NYC to star in the Broadway production of GIGI. Only a few weeks later after the premier Hollywood called her and two years later she was filming Roman Holiday which gave her an Oscar….The rest is history.
  • But you have to know that because of her past she became an UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. Audrey Hepburn also remains one of the few persons who have won an Academy, Emmy, Grammy and Tony Awards.

So returning to Fashion…Hepburn set new high fashion standards in Breakfast at Tiffany´s  where she played a seemingly lighthearted, but ultimately troubled  New York City part girl who gets involved with a struggling writer played by George Peppard. Hepburn received her fourth Academy Award nomination for this film.  

Holly Golightly is a timeless character who shows us that even with a very small wardrobe women can look chic and stylish…ALWAYS!  even with a towel!

No more of the “I don´t have anything to wear” phrase.

With a “little black dress”, a Trench Coat, pearls, earrings, heels , scarves and hats, Holly proves that the magic of any outfit relays on its accessories. 

This dress designed by none other than Hubert de Givenchy is still inspiration for millions of fashionistas all around the world.Simple and chic the dress was accessorized by stunning pearls in the memorable beginning of Breakfast at Tiffany´s!

Here are some Holly Golightly outfits:

 Audrey Hepburn´s beautiful simplicity still lives on as a timeless example of a fashion icon. And why?

Because she understood her body and used clothes that accentuated it; mens shirt and little black dresses did her a favour.

So there is the trick! Know your body, LOVE your body and use what suits it best!

Stay true to your style, love yourself and you should be fine 🙂


This is it my beloved readers!

Hope you liked it and learned something new…

Comment on Audrey Hepburn´s style or whatever you like, remember that you have a voice..use it(:

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I´ll leave you with a song I love, sang by Audrey!

moon river