Nutella Bar?

Yes you read it right! There´s some place on earth called Nutella Bar aka HEAVEN. A Bar for anyone where no ID is needed. Where you can swallow your pride,get in and get beautifully  drunk. Here you can forget about the world and drown your sorrows without having a hangover 😉

As it´s often said: “Money can´t buy happiness but it can by Nutella and that is basically the same thing.”

Also: “You are the Nutella to my spoon.”

So let´s take a look at this unique and marvelous bar: 121.23

Opening Day

Opening Day

This bar is currently inside ETALY RESTAURANTS in NYC and Chicago. To find out more visit their website where you can also download the delicious menu.

It´s definitely on my bucket list!

Love, M.L


Last First Day #BacktoSchool

Today was no ordinary Back to School….Today was my last first day at High School because this is my Senior year! Even writing this is like a dream. 13 years have passed since my first day at the German School and I can´t believe it.

I was in my first day…it was pre-first and there was this fancy ceremony with a Schultüte, or school cone full of candy and toys our parents thought we´d like , this way first day terror didn´t exist. We all had such thing…german tradition…we all were six and scared. I was holding my mom´s hand that first day and she was thinking about being in that school for 13 years, it was quite depressing at the time….you can´t even imagine waking up at 6 am for such a long time. It seemed like an eternity.


Time flies…and I´m both happy and sad. Funny thing: The reasons because I´m happy are also the reasons of my sadness. It´s all confusing and bittersweet. I was not nervous nor scared…I am comfortable, I´m used to everything at high school by now. The teachers, my classmates and friends …even though I´ll have some new teachers I somehow know everything is going to be fine. I´m in my comfort zone.

I wore new clothes and jewelry but for the first time I did not change my school bag, nor all my  pencils cases (yes I have more than one)  BUT I drove! Yes I finally drove to school, sure my dad was copilot but Hey! there´s something cool about the first time you arrive to school driving 🙂

Share about your first day!






White OOTD

White OOTD




As promised here is more “World Cup Fashion”  I decided to make a list of the teams that I considered were the best dressed or caused an impact in Brazil.

Enjoy 🙂



A total of 130 personnel involved in the national team setup, from management, players to backroom staff will be attired in the German fashion label’s clothings. Casual wear including jacket-pants combinations, t-shirts and sweaters appropriate for the long travel from Germany to Brazil, as well as for relaxed media sessions assure that the team looks chic and comfortable as they mount their title challenge.

Accessories like travel duffel bags and suit luggage carriers from HUGO BOSS also feature in the essentials for the sartorial football player. (by senatus)



mex1mex 2


The italian luxury fashion house Ermenegildo Zegna designed the made-to-measure suits for the mexican team. The logo is in fluorescent green and the fabric is top quality.



Designed by high street retailer Marks and Spencer, the suits, which will be worn by England manager Roy Hodgson and his players, come in charcoal grey and are packed with special design features.

These include an embroidered World Cup winners’ star on the inside envelope pocket, the England crest on the Autograph label and a red, white and blue sleeve and pocket lining. (by dailymail)

Scott Fyfe, M&S Head of Buying, said. “Made from lightweight British cloth and impeccably tailored, the suit is modern and relevant, representing the very best of British tailoring.”


it1 it2

Team Italy was by far the most impressive, wearing three-piece, navy colored suits by their official sponsor since 2006, Dolce & Gabbana (by ibtimes)

I´d say one of the most impressive.

At the airport the players arrived al dressed up!









Which one is your favorite?



World Cup

As many of you may have witnessed I went a little crazy this past month. I´m not usually this obsessed with soccer but…well once every four years can´t hurt right?

The thing with the World Cup is that it´s not only about soccer, is about having something to watch during the summer…jk…it´s about identity, the opportunity to love and support your team and your country…or also the country who has a special place in your heart.

In my case is Mexico and Germany… I was born in Mexico and have been in the german school 2/3 of my life…so you can imagine the World Cup I had… 🙂

The social media went crazy with the reactions of the mexican Coach Miguel Herrera…gif12 3

Some performances were Oscar worthy:



Germany had an outstanding performance and won the WOIRLD CUP!

Manual Neuer--best goalkeeper, team Germany

Germany's Schweinsteiger holds the World Cup trophy after winning the 2014 World Cup against Argentina in Rio de Janeiro

Manual Neue is the best goalkeeper, team Germany

Manual Neue is the best goalkeeper, team Germany


Fashion also played an important role…here´s a beautiful evidence; Giselle Bündchen for Elle China.Beautiful-Brazilian-Fashion-Model-Gisele-Bundchen-Modeling-For-The-Cover-Of-Elle-China-For-The-Brazil-FIFA-World-Cup-Fashion-Editorial-765x1024


Want to know more about Fashion on this years World Cup? Wait for the next post 🙂



Why Ballet?

Renaissance…15th century…France…Ballet

An art? A sport?



What we can learn from Ballet is not only to be more flexible or to be able to walk with our shoulders back….

We can learn to express ourselves, to come back and don´t give up…to ignore the pain.

I´ve never practice this beautiful art…which takes years and years of practice, you can see 2 years old dancing way better than I ever would! …but I´ve learned to appreciate it because I´ve  watched it since I was very little…Thanks mom! I finally got it and don´t sleep during  a performance anymore 😉

It´s not a girls sport though…the strength, the discipline, the will you need to master ballet is outrageous. Some dancers may be gay but they are also one of the most gorgeous and fit guys you´ll ever meet. Quite masculine…Image

The pain that the dancers have to overcome is quite brutal… have you ever seen dancers feet?

I invite you to appreciate these beautiful ART…go to the ballet and enjoy what you are watching, the strength,courage and perfection…

These are one of the top ballets around the world

The Mariinsky (Kirov ) Ballet
The Bolshoi Ballet
Paris Opera Ballet
The Royal Ballet
American Ballet Theater
Stuttgart Ballet
New York City Ballet
La Scala Theatre Ballet
Nederlands Dans Theater
National Ballet of Cuba


I had the honor of watching the Mariinsky Ballet and I´m speechless…It´s a nice way of getting out of the routine and delight ourselves 🙂

Well-known stories such as the Nutcracker, Cinderella, Peter Pan, The Sleeping Beauty, A Midsummer Night Dream, Romeo and Juliet and of course Swan Lake are performed.

If you want to get more involved  and have some fun as well watch Dance Academy , a nice teen comedy-drama to watch at night on Netflix… a friend of mine who used to practice ballet recommended it so…there you go!





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We all have expectations; big or small there they are….somewhere deep down ourselves. 

We expect to be a better person, eat less chocolate and go to the gym more than once a month… These might actually be good for our health, but what about the ones who don´t let us sleep?

Am I GOOD enough?  Am I ever going to find Prince Charming? Am I COOL enough? Should I go to that super IN restaurant even though I don´t like fish and it´s the only thing I can eat there? Should I do a threesome to FIT in?

But really, what´s the definition of


-Prince Charming




We are all different….Therefore we all should have different definitions of these subjective terms right? Are we trying to satisfy someone else´s expectations? Is peer pressure all over us? Have we been brainwashed into thinking that we actually want to find Snow Whites Prince?

I think we have…. We should take some time to find out what we really want…how we want to define things….get some time to ourselves and embrace our UNIQUENESS.

We don´t have to be disappointed if we don´t satisfy someone else’s expectations , not even if so not accomplish our own. Because if we did everything we could, then we should accept that some things needed to be rejected so than others, better ones, could come.

What´s the point of trying to be someone you are not? What´s the point of punishing yourself because you are not like the others?

I´ve experiences this so many times, I have lost the count. But I´ve come to realize that theres no point. So maybe I didn´t go to the super nice club last night, so maybe I was not invited to the party… did I really wanted to go with complete strangers? Not really….well maybe to the super nice club I´d have had a nice time, but isn´t it better to share your first with someone you love? …. This also should apply to having sex btw…

Anyway this may be easy to say but hard to do… believe me take your time to realize what YOU really want…it may take some time, but at the end of the day it will ALL BE WORTH IT. And you will realize why it did nit work out before….or so I´ve been told.                         We are all in this journey…and we´ll keep going 🙂