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Life as we know it can change in a second….

Near 200 girls were kidnapped last month, a real coverage was not made. However #BringBackOurGirls has gone viral and now celebrities, politicians, and real people are posting about this.

These girls are from Nigeria and a lot has been said about the fact, that if they were from Europe, from example, the news´d have coverage this instantly.

I think that despite our physical differences we are all human and we all have the right to be free and respected. The though of girls being kidnapped and probably being sold right now is unbearable…something must be done.

Many people say, that a simple photo posted by Michelle Obama or David Cameron is useless if action is not taken. Is an updated status worthy?

I think so…the influence of this personalities is HUGE! Information about them is spread worldwide, it makes people more conscious. This is mayor, because we all can do something to support the cause.

Of course I think that action must be taken by powerful countries…but these decisions are slow…uploading a picture that will create consciousness around the world takes less than a minute.

So please take a minute as well to appreciate your life and support any cause in order to make this a better world.






MIMUN stands for Mexico City International Model United Nations. It´s the first MIMUN and is organized by the Chicago University, where this kind of models have been done several times.

It´s a model I was not used to. First it is held in a hotel, the Hilton Hotel in Reforma was chosen and we stayed there 4 days.

Secondly I participated in a historical debate and was a person, not a delegate of some country. I was Leonid Brezhnev, the Chairman of Presidium, in the Soviet Politburo. It was 1962 and we debated the Sino-Indian border, the issue was whether or not we should support China and if we could support India.

It was a tricky question, because China was still communist and comrades should support their fellow comrades. However Nikita Khrushchev was against  Stalins ideas, the “desalinization” was going on actually, and China was ruled by the dictator Mao Tse Tong who supported Stalins ideology.                                                                                    India on the other side was capitalist, but was also weak and had a difficult relationship with the US, so the USSR could take it by its side? even though it would mean that they wouldn’t support their fellow comrades?

Then we had a cries at 1am regarding the Cuban Missile Crisis, We debated until 4am….it was all so exciting! The “capitalist pigs” where now the topic and ideas to finish them were on the table. We were the Soviet Politburo after all we could do whatever we wanted and Security Council would have to deal with it…yes we all were connected as in a real 1962 situation!

It was so cool because you did not represent a country but a person, just like I did with Rigoberta Menchú, so you could put i bit of your own opinion in the debate and since we were on a Cabinet we got to know how politics really work.

M8M6The first day we had a fancy banquet so that we could meet our “comrades” in my case and other delegates. It was all very formal and the food was great, typical mexican food.

M3 M4
At the end of the day we were at one of the nicest hotels in the city so we also took a break in the pool which has an amazing view to one of the iconic buildings of Mexico City, El Palacio de Bellas Artes.M1 M5After four days of debate, and no sleep at all – …remember the crisis at 1am? We also debated until 11pm…. – our efforts were rewarded and we won the Best School Award!

I had a marvelous time with the delegates of my school, who are also my friends…and more like family!

Congratulations to all of them!






TECMUN stands for Tecnológico de Monterrey Model United Nations. This was my third time in this model BUT the first time in the SENIOR version. This means that the delegates are in high school, and I was not in high school. But thanks to my top performance in the normal version I was invited.

I was scared but also excited. It was also the first time I represented a person instead of a a country. I was Rigoberta Menchú a guatemalan indigenous woman who has dedicated her life to protect indigenous rights, she has won the Nobel Peace Prize.

We debated the best solutions to incorporate indigenous people to the civilization. It can not be forgotten that their culture; religion and traditions need to be kept. It is also important to respect indigenous people, we are their descendants and we are all equal. There is no reason why we should feel superior, in any case we can learn A LOT from them.

It was a great experience, rewarded with an honorific mention.

Thanks to my friends who participated in Tecmun!