Brothers & Sisters

The first thing you should know is that I´m an only child. I don´t have any brothers or sisters related by blood…so why do I write about this? What do I know? I have never fighted with someone who’s around my age all the time in the same house…

The answer is simple…the “heart bond” is stronger. Because friends are the family you choose for yourself 🙂

My 2-year-old self made friends , friends with who I still hang out, laugh and cry with. Sure we have ups and downs…but hey it´s probably the longest relationship we will ever be in (blood related relationships as an exception).

More impressive not even baby me…and I mean fetus me… made friends. Technically our parents are besties and therefore we became acquaintances…but nobody can force you to become inseparable, that was entirely up to us.

There´s no such thing as a recipe…it´s a cliche but everyone is different and therefore we  can´t generalize and write a manual to become bff with someone. The only thing I dare to say is…(and this is another cliche) be yourself!!! How else could it work? There´s no point in faking a personality for the rest of your life.

The point this…I´ve grown up with this people, I can tell them everything. Girls I met in High School are more than friends to me…they´re my sisters. People with whom you can laugh, scream, cry, talk, hug, be mad and grumpy and so on and so forth…and they will aways be there for you. Of course I am young and things can change but it´s up to us not to let this happen… I strongly believe that some bonds can´t be broken.

I wish you my readers to find someone like this, to appreciate them if you have been lucky enough to find this kind of love…to cherish this remarkable ride.

I´m so grateful…Of course I´m still open to meet some new brothers and sisters 😉

“El secreto de la felicidad es tener gustos sencillos y una mente compleja, el problema es que a menudo la mente es sencilla y los gustos son complejos.” -S


“The secret of happiness is to have a simple taste and a complex mind, the problem is however that it often happens that the mind is simple and taste is complex” -S

Search the author of this quote…you would like to read more 😉








Why Ballet?

Renaissance…15th century…France…Ballet

An art? A sport?



What we can learn from Ballet is not only to be more flexible or to be able to walk with our shoulders back….

We can learn to express ourselves, to come back and don´t give up…to ignore the pain.

I´ve never practice this beautiful art…which takes years and years of practice, you can see 2 years old dancing way better than I ever would! …but I´ve learned to appreciate it because I´ve  watched it since I was very little…Thanks mom! I finally got it and don´t sleep during  a performance anymore 😉

It´s not a girls sport though…the strength, the discipline, the will you need to master ballet is outrageous. Some dancers may be gay but they are also one of the most gorgeous and fit guys you´ll ever meet. Quite masculine…Image

The pain that the dancers have to overcome is quite brutal… have you ever seen dancers feet?

I invite you to appreciate these beautiful ART…go to the ballet and enjoy what you are watching, the strength,courage and perfection…

These are one of the top ballets around the world

The Mariinsky (Kirov ) Ballet
The Bolshoi Ballet
Paris Opera Ballet
The Royal Ballet
American Ballet Theater
Stuttgart Ballet
New York City Ballet
La Scala Theatre Ballet
Nederlands Dans Theater
National Ballet of Cuba


I had the honor of watching the Mariinsky Ballet and I´m speechless…It´s a nice way of getting out of the routine and delight ourselves 🙂

Well-known stories such as the Nutcracker, Cinderella, Peter Pan, The Sleeping Beauty, A Midsummer Night Dream, Romeo and Juliet and of course Swan Lake are performed.

If you want to get more involved  and have some fun as well watch Dance Academy , a nice teen comedy-drama to watch at night on Netflix… a friend of mine who used to practice ballet recommended it so…there you go!




Mexico Fashion Week around the corner

As many of you already know Fashion Week is around the corner. Paris, Milan, London and New York had their chance already.

NOW is Mexico´s opportunity to show the high quality of its designers and their unique perspective.

Every year Mexico´s Fashion Week creates big expectations and this time is no exception… PR´s are already sending invitations, the models have been picked up and the location is once again in the heart of the city.


The designer will be soon confirmed and everything will be ready for APRIL 1ST. All this excitement will last until the 4TH and we shall all live it.

I really CAN´T WAIT.

Here some fotos from the webpage


Hope you enjoyed and are as excited as I am…




Being part of UN models is a unique experience which I cherish with all my heart. A few days before the first HUMBOLDTMUN – that stands for Humboldt Model United Nations-   I had a knee sprain.

HUMBOLDTMUN is organized by my school and I was the moderator in the commission related to social,cultural and humanitarian issues; also known as the 3rd Committee  in the UN General Assembly.

It was also clear that despite my sprain I wanted to participate, so there I was in a wheelchair moderating the debate. A dear friend of mine helped me through the entire debate and made this an amazing experience along with the delegates and my UN family.

The debate was about Xenophobia and how important it´s to respect other people and cultures in order to keep the peace. Without forgetting that we are all equal and have the same rights


h1I could stand for brief periods of time and that´s why this is one of my favorite pics!




Fashion Week-Ricardo Seco

My beloved readers!

I have been absent and I am truly sorry…but something big is coming… my fashion week post!

As you know Fashion Week is the most important week in the fashion world, it is a time to reinvent yourself!

I got media passes for the whole week…and i could not be more excited!!! 😀


So stay tuned…because I will be posting about my favorite shows and I got ALL ACCESS.

One of my favorite of all times was Ricardo Seco´s collection. describes him: Ricardo Seco was born in Torreon, Coahuila, Mexico and is considered to be one of Mexico’s most influential designers. A self-taught designer, Ricardo was a businessman for more than twelve years until he decided to pursue his passion and risked everything for what he truly loved: fashion.                                                                              Ricardo’s creations are designed with both men and women in mind and are easily recognized for their uniqueness, cleanliness of fabric detail, patterns and sophisticated fit. Ricardo Seco’s fashion seeks to captivate and seduce the public while highlighting his native country internationally.

Because of his prestige  I was quite honored when I was invited to his PRIVATE EVENT

boletosIt was all very classy and formal…sponsors gave insertional speeches…presentacion…and the show began!

IMG_2109 IMG_2111 IMG_2116 IMG_2120 IMG_2130 IMG_2146

AS we can admire the collection is flawless and exquisite. The designs are innovative and there are more colors than black and white!

Pink, orange and blue are going to be a must-have for the next season…so start buying and remember… we all can dress as princesses ale long as we do not lose style 🙂

Hope you enjoyed!!



Liebster Award en español

Liebster Award!

Liebster Award!

“Liebster Award” es un premio para bloggers dado POR bloggers, es una forma de que sepan que tan apreciados son y que realmente hay gente allá afuera que los lee. Creo que es una idea fabulosa que motiva a los bloggers, que como yo, están empezando en este negocio. 🙂

Estudio alemán y por eso supuse que el premia tenía algo que ver con Alemania, pues “Liebster” significa querido/a. Investigué un poco y descubrí que en efecto, este premio surgió en Alemania hace 3 años con el fin de dar a conocer blogs y darles un empujón. Es por esto que su eslogan es “Descubre más blogs”.

Un día como cualquier otro, estaba actualizando mi estatus en Twitter y vi que tenía un mensaje directo, creí que era publicidad, pero descubrí que era n mensaje de “Guapuuras Blog” diciéndome que había sido nominada al ya mencionado premio…al principio creí que era puro cuento…¡pero descubrí que no! Quisiera agradecerles infinitamente por este premio, ¡me hizo el día! Es increíble saber que hay gente que no condes que lee tu blog y que además les gusta.

Así funciona:

  1. Agradeces al Blog que te nominó
  2. Respondes las preguntas que te hizo el Blog que te nominó
  3. Nominas a otros Blogs
  4. Escribes 10 preguntas para tus nominados

¡Muchísimas Gracias Guapuuras Blog! Ahora responderé a sus preguntas:

1. ¿Cómo y por qué empezaste tu blog?                                                                              Inicio una tarde de verano para distraerme un poco, me inspire en una amiga y sólo escribí sobre una persona cuyo estilo admiro Kate Middleton.

2. ¿Cuál es tu estilo?                                                                                                                 Es en general casual para la escuela. Me gusta el estilo “preppy” y amo los jeans.

3. ¿A quién admiras en la industria de la moda?                                                                     Va a sonar como un cliché pero 100% verdad. Admiro a COCO CHANEL, la forma en la que prácticamente reintentó la moda femenina y nuca dejó de luchar por sus sueños es una inspiración para mi día a día. Desde chica admiraba su trabajo en los libros de mi mamá.

4. ¿Qué usas siempre?                                                                                                         Una pulsera que me dio una de mis mejores amigas. La compró en Tailandia…un lugar al que siempre he querido visitar…además trae hermosos recuerdos.

5. Si fueras una ciudad, ¿Qué ciudad serías?                                                                     Roma, muchos secretos se guardan ahí.

6. ¿Qué artículo de moda serías?                                                                                            Un collar…¡los amo!

7. ¿Cuál es tu tienda favorita y por qué?                                                                                  No tengo una favorita, pero pienso que las tiendas vintage son muy interesantes.

8.  Jeans favoritos                                                                                                                Skinny jeans

9. Modelo Favorita                                                                                                             Carmen Dell’Orefice.

10. Frase predilecta                                                                                                               “Nada es imposible, la palabra misma lo dice ‘I´m possible’!” (soy posible) – Audrey Hepburn.                                                                                                                                    En inglés se entiende mejor:  “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I´m possible’!” – Audrey Hepburn.

Mis nominados está en mi artículo anterior junto con las 10 preguntas.


Royal Baby in Detail

The Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to a baby boy on Monday 22nd July at 16:24 BST. The baby´s weight is 8 lb. 6oz (3900 kg)….Well done Kate!

The news however were released 4 hours later because of protocol and because the new parents wanted some quality time with their newborn.

The whole media started to share the good news as soon as possible!

How I find out!

The first ones to be notified were The Queen, the grandparents and the aunt an uncle.

On Tuesday (23rd July) the grandparents of the new prince visited him in the afternoon. 

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge made their first public appearance with their son, who was 27 hours old, later that same day at 19:15 BST.   HERE THE OUTFITS!

Prince William said: “He´s got a good pair of lungs.Big boy,quite heavy”

It was also said that the baby has Kate´s look, but The Duchess declared that she was not sure about that.

The first change of dippers was made by the Duke of Cambridge and he said: “I´ll remind him of his tiredness when he´s a bit older” when asked why it took them that long to leave the hospital.

They both said it was quite an emotional and special time.

The Duke also said ” He´s got way more [hair] than me thank God” as a joke.

William said they were still working on a name and when asked for George he answered “wait and see”.

Both of them seemed extremely happy, proud and even relaxed answering the questions. They have a great sense of humor! I just love them.


Yesterday(24th July) the baby´s name was announced: George Alexander Louis.

Look how beautiful…

And then again the media started to announce the news as fast as they could!

Again the way I found out…Thank you BBC!


A lot has been said about the name´s meaning… However a source close to the Duke and Duchess told US Weekly “Don´t read into [the names] too much”.

Here the coincidences:

George is the name of Queen Elizabeth II´s father and grandfather.

Alexander is the male version of Prince William godmother and also Queen Elizabeth II´s middle name.

Louis, meanwhile, is the Duke of Cambridge´s own middle name.

The baby will be known as His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge.

Hope you like it!

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